West Cancer Center & Research Institute is positioned as the region’s comprehensive leader in adult cancer care and research. Our team at West offers unparalleled  Breast Cancer treatment for patients across the Mid South– from screening to survivorship- to provide your patients with the most individualized care possible.


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Meet Our Breast Oncology Team

Katherine Arnold, PA-C

Sonia Benn, MD

Michael Berry, MD

Richard Gilmore, MD

Ashley Dowdy, PA-C

Michael Farmer, MD

Richard E. Fine, MD, FACS

Kristen Hayes, ANP-FNP

Robert A. Johnson, MD, FACP

Michael G. Martin, MD

Carrie McKiernon, ANP-FNP

S. Sameer Nasir, MD

Suhail Obaji, MD

Roy M. Oswaks, MD

Arnel M. Pallera, MD

Arun R. Rao, MD

Thomas Ratliff, MD

Jarvis D. Reed, MD

Sylvia S. Richey, MD

Lillian Rinker, MD

David B. Robins, MD

Kurt Patton, MD

Bradley G. Somer, MD

Kurt W. Tauer, MD, FACP

G. Gary Tian, MD, PhD, FACP

Patricia Turner, MD

Steven Nokes, MD

Noam VanderWalde, MD, MS

Carmel Verrier, MD, PhD

Gregory Vidal, MD, PhD