Below are videos by West Cancer Center providers that are disease specific. Our providers work alongside community partners to create and share information in a format easily understood and accessible. Please know that videos are constantly added to our website and YouTube page as they are created for your education.

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Brain Cancer:

GammaTile Therapy

Optune Utilization for Glioblastoma

Brain Cancer Awareness with Dr. Saradasri Wellikoff

Breast Cancer:

Dr. Richard Gilmore on Perimeter Clinical Trial

Kristen Hayes, NP: High Risk Breast Clinic

GI Cancer:

Colorectal Awareness with Dr. Bradley Somer

ctDNA Testing with Dr. Axel Grothey

ctDNA Testing: Patient Testimony

Updates in Colorectal Cancer & ctDNA Testing

GU Cancer:

PSMA Testing for Prostate Cancer with Hartwell Strain

Testicular Cancer Awareness with Dr. Daniel Vaena

GYN Cancer:

Specialized GYN Care Now Available at West with Dr. Ben Abdu

GYN Cancer Awareness with Dr. Michael Ulm

Ovarian Cancer Survivor, Sally Archibald, Raises Funds for West Cancer Foundation

Cervical Cancer Awareness with Radiation Oncologist, Dr. Michael Farmer

Head & Neck Cancer:

Head & Neck Cancer Awareness with Dr. G. Gary Tian


Wolf River / Germantown Infusion: What to Expect

Infusion: What to Expect

Lung Cancer:

Lung Cancer Awareness with Dr. Jason Porter

National Cancer Prevention Month with Dr. Jason Porter


Sarcoma Awareness with Dr. David Portnoy

Skin Cancer:

Alpha Tau Clinical Trial with Radiation Oncologist, Dr. Noam VanderWalde

Skin Cancer Awareness with Dr. Matthew Ballo