Cancers We Treat

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West Cancer Center & Research Institute provides a unique patient care model to manage cancer diagnoses. Not only do you as a patient  benefit from a collaboration of specialists across different specialties, but you have access to all of these services in one place. From prevention and treatment to clinical trials and survivorship programs, West... Read more »

Treatment Option Videos

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Our West Cancer Center & Research Institute network is based on a multidisciplinary approach to patient care. Patients can rest assured that from diagnosis to treatment and survivorship, we are here. Providers range from Medical Oncologists, Radiation Oncologists and Surgical Oncologists to In-House Pathologists, Specialized Radiologist, and several Patient Support Programs. The videos below share... Read more »

Disease-Specific Videos

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Below are videos by West Cancer Center providers that are disease specific. Our providers work alongside community partners to create and share information in a format easily understood and accessible. Please know that videos are constantly added to our website and YouTube page as they are created for your education. Click here to navigate back... Read more »

Brain Tumors

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At West Cancer Center & Research Institute, our multi-disciplinary team works with exceptional neurosurgical groups to provide specialized care for individuals diagnosed with brain cancer. 25,050 new cases are identified each year in the US, but our team manages this frightening disease with personalized care plans for all brain tumor types including brain metastasis, glioblastoma,... Read more »

Meet Amy: Metastatic Melanoma Survivor

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MEET AMY: SURVIVOR OF METASTATIC MELANOMA OF THE LUNGS & BRAIN What a warrior! Amy’s cancer journey has been a wild ride – but her optimism, perseverance, and drive to advocate for her own health (and others) has been her motivation! Amy shares details of her personal battle with cancer in the video below, and… Read more »

Dr. Matthew Ballo Presents at ASCO ’23

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ASCO2023 is in full swing, and our docs are learning from and presenting information to physicians from across the globe about cancer care! West Radiation Oncologist, Dr. Matthew Ballo, shared his hands-on experience in the utilization of Tumor Treating Fields against glioblastoma. Ballo, alongside several fellow physicians, authored a poster presented at ASCO (American Society… Read more »

Determinants of tumor treating field usage in patients with primary glioblastoma: A single institutional experience

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Authors: Matthew T Ballo, Kaitlin W Qualls, L Madison Michael, Jeffrey M Sorenson, Brandon Baughman, Saradasri Karri-Wellikoff, Manjari Pandey Neuro-Oncology Advances, Volume 4, Issue 1, January-December 2022, vdac150, Some of our West oncologists partnered with Semmes Murphey Clinic, PC providers to author the journal article below entitled “Determinants of tumor treating field usage in… Read more »

West with Semmes Murphey & St. Francis Hospital are 1st in the MidSouth to offer FDA-cleared GammaTile Therapy for Treatment of Brain Tumors

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 West Cancer Center & Research Institute in Collaboration with Semmes Murphey and St. Francis Hospital is 1st in the Mid-South to Offer a New Targeted Therapy for Brain Tumors    GammaTile Therapy Is Shown to Slow Brain Tumor Progression, Designed to Improve Patient and Caregiver Quality of Life    Andrew Boucher, MD and Madison Michael II,… Read more »

Medical Oncology

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Our team of 48 Medical Oncology & Hematology providers collaborate with highly specialized oncology experts to evaluate new research options and individual treatment plans. At West Cancer Center & Research Institute we offer the most comprehensive approach to cancer care.  Our medical oncologists work closely with oncology surgeons, radiation oncologists, clinical researchers, radiologists, pathologists, genetic... Read more »