Clinical trials are research studies that test new drugs, devices, or dosing schedules prior to their wide availability. These trials provide a mechanism to often receive novel therapies and to obtain care under a strict set of guidelines that are defined by the trial. Clinical trials are appropriate at all stages of treatment for cancer as we are always searching for better therapies to treat this disease.

Phases of Clinical Trials

Development of new cancer drugs and treatment strategies occurs in four phases. The phase of the trial depends on the questions that the doctors are trying to answer – such as its risks, safety and effectiveness compared to standard therapy.

Participating in Clinical Trials

Clinical trials offer patients an opportunity to receive innovative new therapies prior to FDA approval. At West Cancer Center & Research Institute, our patients have access to the most promising new therapies.

Your Clinical Research Team

West Cancer Center’s Clinical Trials team is comprised of more than 40 highly-trained professional research personnel specializing in the coordination, management, facilitation and monitoring of clinical trial participants. Patients participating in clinical trials can expect a supportive, compassionate environment combined with unparalleled expertise in the research sector.

Gregory Vidal, MD, PhD

Director of Clinical Research

Noam VanderWalde, MD, MS

Director of Clinical Research Operations


Daniel Vaena, MD

Director of Phase I Research


Axel Grothey, MD

Director of GI Malignancy Research

Jason Porter, MD

Director of Lung Cancer Research

Jason Chandler, MD

Director of Research for Hematology Malignancies

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