Cancers We Treat

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West Cancer Center & Research Institute provides a unique patient care model to manage cancer diagnoses. Not only do patients at West benefit from a collaboration of specialists across different specialties, but they have access to all of these services in one place. From prevention and treatment to clinical trials and survivorship programs, West is... Read more »

Malignant Hematology

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At West Cancer Center & Research Institute, we have an experienced team of specialists that manage all forms of malignant hematology cancers. With approximately 59,000 new leukemia diagnosis, 35,700 myeloma and 89,380 lymphoma each year, you can trust our experience and access to cutting edge treatments and clinical trials. 70% of patients in the Mid-South... Read more »

Medical Oncology

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Our Medical Oncology & Hematology specialists work together with a highly collaborative, multidisciplinary team evaluating new research options and individual treatment plans. At West Cancer Center & Research Institute we offer the most comprehensive approach with our medical oncologists working with oncology surgeons, radiation oncologists, clinical researchers, radiologists, pathologists, genetic counselors, psycologists and a supportive... Read more »