📣 Dr. Michael Ulm was featured in Memphis Medical News‘ April/May publication 📣

Dr. Ulm discussed updates in the field of gynecologic oncology, including information on new antibody-drug conjugates that target tumors while sparing healthy tissue for patients with #ovariancancer and #cervicalcancer!

He also shared his advice for prevention and early detection of cancer, which include:
1️⃣ Seeing your primary care physician on a regular basis
2️⃣ Staying up-to-date on cancer screenings such as pap smears, colonoscopies, mammograms, skin checks, etc.
3️⃣ Living a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and regular exercise
4️⃣ Avoid tobacco use

Click here to read more from Dr. Ulm’s interview: https://issuu.com/pamelaharris1/docs/memphis.apr.may24.digital?fr=xKAE9_zU1NQ