Dr. Gregory Vidal is co-leading a groundbreaking study aimed at identifying barriers to health care for Black women in the Mid-South.
This initiative, supported by a $1.58 million grant from Gilead Sciences, Inc., is a collaborative effort with Dr. Janeane Anderson from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center’s College of Nursing.
🔬 This research seeks to uncover the sociocultural and structural factors contributing to cancer health disparities among Black women, particularly those with de-novo metastatic breast cancer or at high risk for breast disease.
Despite having a lower incidence of breast cancer, Black women face a death rate 40% higher than White women, a stark disparity this study aims to address.
Dr. Vidal shared, “This study will be the most extensive qualitative evaluation of how social, economic, and health factors affect cancer patients in the Mid-South. The results could have applications beyond the borders of Memphis, benefiting communities across the nation.” 🌍
We are incredibly proud of Dr. Vidal and Dr. Anderson’s dedication to improving health outcomes and breaking down barriers to care. Together, we can make a difference! 🙌
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