New technology and treatments for cancer are ever changing. Researching and providing innovative, curative therapies are a top priority at West Cancer Center. Now women managing cervical cancer will have access to MRI-guided brachytherapy treatment as an option – first available in the MidSouth, right here at West.

According to the American Cancer Society, cervical cancer is one of most common causes of cancer deaths for American women with approximately 14,480 new cases forecasted for 2021 and 4,290 deaths. Because of awareness campaigns, an increase in HPV testing, and preventative measures, along with increased use of Pap tests, cervical cancer can be detected in earlier or even pre-cancer stages.

At West Cancer Center & Research Institute, our Radiation Oncology team has been on the cutting-edge of new therapies, treating prostate, breast and GYN cancer with brachytherapy. Brachytherapy is a form of internal radiation with radioactive capsules targeted directly to the cancerous tumor, while sparing healthy, surrounding tissue. Our Radiation Oncologists can now use MRI guidance for better visibility and more accurate placement of these capsules for improved outcomes and reduced toxicity.

Michael Farmer, MD, Radiation Oncology Lead stated, “We are excited about this treatment option for several reasons. It will not only improve the accuracy of the radiation, but it will also diminish unnecessary radiation from damaging normal tissues. Patients with cervical cancer who receive this therapy will live better longer and with a greater chance of cure”

West Cancer Center’s Director of Radiation Oncology, Matthew Ballo, MD, FACR said, “This is yet another example of how physicians at West strive to bring the very best technology to cancer patients here in the Mid-South.”