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West Cancer Center’s reputation is spreading internationally as a leader in cancer treatments, especially in the management of solid malignancies with Tumor Treating Fields, with the most clinical experience from a single institute.

West’s Radiation Oncology Department was honored to be represented by Drs. Matthew Ballo and Yuefeng Wang who spoke at the 2019 CSTRO (Chinese Society of Therapeutic Radiation Oncology. October 11-13 in Shenzhen, China Dr. Ballo presented “Integration of Tumor Treating Fields into Management of Solid Malignancies”. Dr. Wang spoke on “Definitive Local Therapies and Survival for Patients with Newly Diagnoses Metastatic Cancers” and “Can Residents or Young Physicians Publish High Impact Research?”

Their influence extended beyond the CSTRO meeting to include:


  • Rounding with local neurosurgeons, radiation oncologists and CNS-Head & Neck residents at the Middle-South Hospital at Wuhan and sharing patient management, radiation therapy planning and contouring.
  • Visiting the headquarters of MASEP (the manufacturer of Infini, West Cancer Center’s new stereotactic radiosurgery system-SRS) and testing the next generation of Infini which has kV image guidance.  This new image guidance system, currently awaiting FDA approval, will give us an advantage to perform frameless multi-fraction SRS treatment.


  • Collaborating with Zai Laboratory (The Novocure Optune Distributor in China) on symposiums regarding Tumor Treating Fields in four different cities: Beijing, Wuhan, Chengdu and Shanghai.​