Recently, a rectal cancer clinical trial has taken the media by storm with its 100% response rate (no evidence of tumor after 6 months of treatment). At West Cancer Center, this clinical practice is part of our standard of care.


A 100% complete response in any clinical study for cancer is a ray of hope for patients fighting this disease. Recently, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center published a study of 14 patients with locally advanced mismatched repair-deficient (dMMR) rectal cancer receiving a PD1-inhibitor called dostarlimab, which is currently only FDA approved for endometrial cancer. After 6 months of treatment, all 14 patients showed 100% response without an additional need for chemotherapy, radiation or surgery.


We are proud to share that our West network has been using PD-1 inhibitors (either pembrolizumab or a combination of nivolumab and ipilimumab) for the last 2 years, which have shown similar results to the dostarlimab data for this same cancer type – dMMR rectal cancer.


Although dMMR rectal cancer represents only 5-10% of all rectal cancers, this treatment plan is part of our clinical practice and does not require participation in a clinical trial.


Evidence-based and advanced protocols, along with a robust clinical trial program, are our standard practice here at West Cancer Center & Research Institute.


Link to MSKCC study announcement: