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It is with great excitement that our West Cancer Center and Research Institute network adds a new leadership role to our Division of Pharmacy. Camille Hill, PharmD has recently accepted a newly created role of Vice President of Oncology Pharmacy Services, which has become a vital aspect for our network as West continues to grow.


This new position is responsible for:

  • Driving integration of drug-related processes and information to patient and clinician-friendly tools
  • Further increasing operational efficiencies and timeliness across our network-wide pharmacy department
  • Setting and implementing strategic goals to promote a database to more easily standardize use of all oncology-related medication


As a native Memphian with over 16 years of professional pharmacy-related experience and an extensive educational background, Camille Hill, PharmD, is well-positioned to contribute to the growth of our West Cancer Center network by ensuring our patients receive the best pharmacy experience possible.