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West Cancer Center & Research Institute (WCCRI) was selected as 1 of 10 oncology practices in the country to receive a grant from ASCO’s Conquer Cancer Foundation to serve medically underserved populations in our community.

West Cancer Center is committed to closing the gap in cancer care disparity in the Mid-South. Since 1979, West has spent over $82 Million on uninsured and underinsured patients in an area where Memphis was ranked #1 in breast care mortality disparity.

Thanks to the tireless efforts by the WCCRI team; Noam VanderWalde, MD, Gregory Vidal, MD, Anne Saladyga, MD and Shandell Kidd, we will be able to provide much needed oncology care to those that need it the most. 

With over 12 locations throughout the Mid-South, West Cancer Center is improving the delivery of cancer care medically in underserved communities every day.