West Cancer Center & Research Institute is known through-out the MidSouth for cutting edge treatments and their  multidisciplinary approach to cancer care. To  further expand the care team, West is bringing in-house Dr. Nicholas Leonardi, a cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon that has been collaborating with their ENT and Breast Surgeons for years. His reputation and talent will continue to benefit both cancer patients and individuals desiring cosmetic treatments.


Cancer patients will benefit from reconstructive surgery ranging from; adult cleft lip & palate, breast reconstruction and facial/skin reconstruction to feel whole by restoring appearance and function as well as confidence and dignity. His cosmetic solutions will be available to all men and women who desire elective enhancements to their physical appearance based on physical changes or perceived imperfections.


CEO, Mitch Graves shared, “The launch of our new plastic surgery division allows yet another opportunity for collaborative patient care here at West. Women in need of breast reconstructive surgery after a mastectomy, patients in need of facial reconstruction after ENT surgery, or skin reconstruction after cancer removal can get all of this done right here surrounded by a team of specialists.”


Dr. Nicholas Leonardi brings a wealth of experience and stated his reason for moving his practice, “I chose to partner with West in this endeavor because I believe offering high quality reconstructive surgical care to cancer patients is extremely important. Ensuring form and function is restored in the best possible way after fighting cancer is not only rewarding as a surgeon, but a commitment to not let cancer define those affected. I continue to believe helping individuals feel and look their best is important and the cosmetic portion of my practice will remain unchanged.”


West Cancer Center’s Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery Division is open to current West patients, patients across the region in need of reconstructive surgery, and those in search of cosmetic solutions


West Cosmetic & Reconstructive Plastic Surgery,

West Cancer Center & Research Institute

(located in the Margaret West Comprehensive Breast Center)
7945 Wolf River Boulevard, Germantown, TN, 38138.


To learn more, visit WCCPlasticSurgery.com