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West Clinic Offers Patients Even More Oncology Treatment Options

West joins launch of new technology platform, OneR, to increase trial therapies for patients


As an affiliate of OneOncology, West Clinic now has the ability to further its clinical trial offerings and oncology research knowledge by joining the launch of OneR.


OneR is a new, unprecedented technology platform and collaboration throughout the OneOncology network that provides seamless clinical trial management, increased access to trial therapies for patients, and more oncology research information readily available to our clinicians. Patients can participate in clinical trials for specific cancer types, in an effort to decrease side effects of current treatments, or with aims to improve disease outcomes – and now, with the implementation of OneR, these efforts are supported more than ever before.


Mitch Graves, CEO of West Cancer Center states, “We are incredibly excited to join the launch of OneR! This new platform allows us to offer more clinical trials to patients in need by centralizing business functions, regulatory submissions, and clinical trial matching technology while also maintaining our flexibility to participate in other clinical trial initiatives managed by our in-house Clinical Research Department. It’s an exciting time for cancer research, and this new initiative will give our patients and their families more treatment options than ever before!”


Recently, West added “Research Institute” to its name, to now read West Cancer Center & Research Institute, to ensure the priority and focus it has on clinical research was made apparent and embedded into its culture. This new opportunity only further promotes its many initiatives to increase oncology research across the globe.


For more information, please contact:

Julie Flanery,

Marketing & Communications Director

[email protected]