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Here at West Cancer Center & Research Institute, we are proud to host our own virtual tumor boards, or Multidisciplinary Conferences, multiple times each week. In these multidisciplinary conferences, we bring together a variety of providers from different disciplines and even institutions to talk about patient cases. It is in these conferences that a group of experts work together to create the best, most personalized treatment plan for one of our patients – promoting the greatest possible outcome.


Below is a link to just one of our recent Hematology Conferences. Dr. Jason Chandler meets with Dr. Neha Mehta-Shah, Dr. Abdulbaheem Yacoub, and Dr. Carlos Bachier regarding a 66 year old male with DLBCL: R-CHOP, Reylimid upfront, curative options, R-GemOx, CAR-T, relapse after ASCT.

*all conferences are in compliance with HIPAA regulations. Patient identity is kept confidential.

Click here to view this virtual session via Total Health Conferencing.