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Breakthrough approach now available in the Mid-South

Memphis, TN: September 26, 2017 – West Cancer Center announced today that Adam ElNaggar, MD, Gynecologic Oncologist at West Cancer Center, has successfully pioneered the use of sentinel lymph node mapping (SLNM) in gynecologic cancers – never before done in the Mid-South. West Cancer Center is thrilled to provide this potential breakthrough approach for both endometrial and cervical cancers – an opportunity only available at West Cancer Center.

“Through innovative technology and resources, our team utilizes the most advanced robotic and minimally invasive systems for surgical intervention,” said Dr. ElNaggar. “The net result is ultimate benefit to the patients – ensuring patient comfort, quicker recovery and superior surgical outcomes.”

SLNM has already had great success in treating breast, vulvar and other cancers. This technique involves injecting dye into the cervix that then travels to the sentinel lymph node, which is the first node cancer is likely to spread. This allows for the detection of cells that have spread from the tumor to the sentinel lymph node, which is felt to represent the metastasis risk of the entire lymph node chain. Thus, if this sentinel lymph node is negative, the entire lymph node is negative. This allows for a minimally invasive approach and a decreased risk of surgical complications, such as blood loss or lymphedema.

“For more than twenty years, West Cancer Center’s Gynecologic Oncology Division has provided rapid access to the most comprehensive treatment for women across the Mid-South,” said Todd Tillmanns, MD, FACOG, Division Head and Gynecologic Oncologist at West Cancer Center. “This is just another example of Dr. ElNaggar’s expertise and the groundbreaking work taking place at West Cancer Center, every single day.”

To learn more about the services provided by West Cancer Center’s Gynecologic Oncology Division, click here.