Marsha’s Message to Cancer:

You snuck up behind my back, grabbing me like a thief in the night. I was shocked you were assaulting me again! It was like going from living full joy to feeling totally empty. You have no concept or conscience for courage or compassion. Your unyielding coldness left me sitting alone at your table while you had the audacity to whine, “Why is she mad at me?”

When the doctor said my ovarian cancer symptoms originated 18 months prior to my diagnosis, I realized it was the reason I felt trapped for so long. Your persistent nagging, your unrelenting harassment to account to you, your hideous smugness had controlled my life for 18 months! You were deceitfully pressuring me with fatigue, tiredness, abdominal fullness, loss of appetite, and urinary tract infection issues. Cancer, you were growing and holding my body and my life hostage for your own selfish personal goal:

  • You tormented me to give in to you
  • Do your bidding asap
  • Comply to your carelessness
  • Accommodate your greed
  • Exert my energy for your purpose and
  • Focus my attention on you

You kidnapped my body and my life for 18 months. Your overbearing tricks prevented me from recognizing my body changes as abnormal and from realizing your coercion schemes were just nonsense! I felt so uncomfortable and withdrew into myself. You kept robbing my energy and “conning” me into ignoring my health. You laughed in my face leaving me standing there all alone – speechless, dismayed, bewildered and powerless. You scared me to my wits end until I realized the chemotherapy infusion treatments were shrinking your mass, then surgery removed your grip on my life! Thank God!

I have the utmost respect and gratitude for Dr. Mark Reed at the West Cancer Center & Research Institute of Germantown, TN. It was by the Grace of God, Dr. Reed. and prayers from family and friends that your power was exterminated, eradicated and kicked out of my body. As you can see, Cancer, I have no respect for your cruel invasion in my body nor your cruel intrusion into my life. Now I’ve survived 12 years from Stage III Ovarian Cancer and 23 years from Stage III Breast Cancer. As a survivor, I want to help others on their journey to move through their fear as well as, sending out hope to believe they are not “alone!”

So Cancer, you are not in a battle with just one soldier, but with an army of strong united survivors! Our weapon is courage. Our courage can dominate your aggressive attacks. Our courage has the power to knock you down and take you out!

Elvis sang, “If I Can Dream”. Well Cancer, my dream “of a warmer sun where hope keeps shining on everyone” is to see you GONE forever!



Marsha Everett, A Cancer Survivor