Meet Mac and Robin! Mac is a male breast cancer patient at West Cancer Center and Robin is his support system and advocate for male breast cancer patients everywhere. With male breast cancer being a rare form of this disease, Mac and his wife, Robin, have worked diligently together to research treatment options, find the best doctors and support team, and to be as proactive as possible.The two have traveled to cancer institutes across the country and continue to receive treatment at West Cancer Center. Having a husband diagnosed with a rare type of cancer, Robin has become an advocate for all male breast cancer patients. She is very active in legislative efforts to obtain research and treatment funds, and to raise awareness for male breast cancer.


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With every fighter there is a story, and with every story, an inspiration to fight on. Your story can be the difference in the life of another cancer fighter like you. We invite patients of the West Cancer Center, past and present, to share stories here. If you would like to share your story, please contact West Cancer Center’s Marketing Department.