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Margaret West Comprehensive Breast Center: Exceeding the standards for superior breast screening and diagnostic services


Dr. Landrieu has joined Dr. Patricia Turner, Director of Breast Imaging, at the Margaret West Comprehensive Breast Center this month. Having worked together for over 17 years in high volume breast practices, they have collectively interpreted over 1 million breast imaging studies. According to Breast Surgical Oncologist and the Director of Margaret West Breast Center, Michael Berry, MD, “While we may be located in West Cancer Center, which provides a wealth of benefits for patients that are diagnosed with cancer, 95% of our patients don’t have cancer. We take seriously our obligation to not only prevent cancer, but provide the most accurate interpretations of mammograms and other imaging techniques. This can only be done with experienced breast radiologists, and we are thrilled to have Dr. Landrieu join our practice!”

“Subtle abnormalities can be missed if a radiologist isn’t used to looking at thousands of breast images a year, and a miss can be life-altering,” states Landrieu. “Dr. Turner and I have been collaborating for years to correctly identify normal vs. abnormal tissue in the breast, and I know without a doubt that frequency of reading breast studies equates to improved accuracy and outcomes.”

One of the draws to Margaret West for Dr. Landrieu was its unique Mammogram Screening Plus Program that provides such value to patients. “For many women, a mammogram can be scary, especially if there have been abnormalities in the past. Waiting on results and coming back multiple times for additional diagnostic tests is not convenient,” states Dr. Landrieu. Dr. Turner added, “Having Dr. Landrieu join the practice is crucial for us to offer same day mammogram results. Besides the benefits of Screening Plus, I know that detecting cancer with pin-point accuracy is vital and that is what you get at the Margaret West Comprehensive Breast Center.”

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