West Cancer Center’s financial advocacy and support program is designed to support our mission to ensure that every patient receives the same high standard of care regardless of their ability to pay. By providing financial guidance and support from our specially trained financial advocates, we are able to help you and you family navigate financial aspects of your treatment.

Your personal financial advocate provides you and your family with detailed information about medical costs, assistance programs, and how to best navigate the financial aspects of your healthcare during treatment. Our job is to relieve the potential of this additional stress that has shown to drastically affect outcomes of recovery.

This program offers:

· An individualized review of patient’s financial situation and current insurance
benefits with our West Financial Advocates

· Estimate of patient financial obligation

· Screening for drug replacement, co-pay cards, grants, foundations, and other financial assistance programs

For more information about our complimentary financial advocacy and support services, please contact [email protected] or 901.683.0055 x68151.

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