“GammaTile is a new option for patients with very difficult-to-treat brain tumors.

West Radiation Oncologist, Dr. Matthew Ballo, and Semmes Murphey Clinic, PC Neurosurgeon, Dr. Madison Michael, share updates about this new therapy in the video below and its promising results for patients.

West, Semmes Murphey, and St. Francis Hospital have partnered together as first in the region to offer GammaTile (GT Medical Technologies). This therapy is an FDA-clearred, surgically targeted radiation therapy that is designed to delay tumor regrowth for patients with brain tumors, while protecting nearby healthy brain tissue.

Dr. Ballo states, “For many patients with recurrent brain cancer, a repeat surgery and 2nd course of external beam radiation is the only way to slow down disease progression. By deliverying the treatment from the inside of the brain, GammaTile lets us avoid the skin, scalp, and normal brain tissue while still administering a high dose of radiation directly to the tumor. GammaTile allows us to treat patients with brain tumors that quite frankly could not be treated any other way.”