West family,

As we start the New Year, our West network is making changes in how we schedule appointments to:
1. Reduce your wait time
2. Make the visit with your provider as valuable as possible

Depending on the distance you live from one of our West locations, you may be asked to schedule phlebotomy labs and imaging scans several days before your provider office visit.

This allows your provider time to review lab and imaging results, and discuss them with you at your next visit.

Labs can be drawn at any West location most convenient to you.

At our Wolf River/Germantown location, we are offering a quick option on the first floor that does not require check in.

Our team will contact you if your current schedule needs updating.

*Please note that we will not ask patients to seperate appointments if you live greater than 45 miles from one of our locations.

Your care and time matters! Thank you for your understanding.