At West Cancer Center, we believe the atmosphere and environment our patients receive care and treatment can be as vital in their journey as their clinical treatment. In fact, we have designed many of our locations with an arts focus. So, when Annabella Tian from Lausanne Collegiate School reached out to our Art Therapist, Paige Scheinberg, in Fall of 2021 to partner on developing an art installation, we knew this would be a wonderful opportunity to support our West Community – patients, families, and staff.


Through West’s Integrative Oncology Art Therapy program, West patients, caregivers, and employees engage in creative processes with Board-Certified Art Therapist, PaigeScheinberg, to help them process emotions, discover strengths, and cultivate hope. “We’ve also been working on expanding access to the healing power of the arts through community-based arts in health initiatives”, shares Paige. “These arts in health offerings will allow us to partner with local arts professionals and creators, like Lausanne’s incredible students, to share their talents and positively impact our community.”


As Annabella provided updates about the development of the 1,000 Paper Cranes project, Paige explored various West locations to find a setting that could most benefit from the beauty and meaning of this special piece. “Our Desoto location has turned out to be the perfect choice. Patients who witnessed it being installed shared their excitement about it immediately.” says Paige. “It was inspiring and fun to work with Annabella and Lausanne on this project. And, I love knowing that this beautiful piece will be the first thing our West patients, families, and staff will see when they walk into our Desoto clinic – a colorful, meaningful image of hope and invitation to pause and take in joy and wonder.”


For more information about West’s Integrative Oncology Division and WE CARE offerings, please e-mail Paige Scheinberg, Art Therapist at