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West Cancer Center has modeled research driven, patient centered oncology care for over 40 years with a reputation for educating and advancing cancer treatments in the Midsouth, Nationally and Internationally. Their 6th Annual West Oncology Conference, usually held at the Guest house at Graceland, was held virtually on February 26 with a distinguished panel of nationally renowned faculty and presenters had unprecedented growth of attendees.

Virtual learning has become the norm as a necessary response to the COVID-19 pandemic that extends to the healthcare community. Working with Total Health Conferencing, West Cancer Center & Research Institute demonstrated the success and interest in attending virtual conferences. Oncology care is ever changing and progressing, and the West Oncology Conference has been bringing together leaders, fellow providers, and the future generation of cancer specialists for the past 6 years.

This one-day meeting presented practice changing data in an interactive format on women’s cancers, genitourinary malignancies, gastrointestinal cancers, head and neck cancer, lung cancer, and disparities in cancer care. With usual attendance of up to 300 attendees, this year there was astoundingly 940 pre-registrants including, 793 healthcare providers with 541 viewers attending live and more estimated to view the sessions as enduring content remains available on demand in conjunction with Total Health and their content distributors. Just over the weekend, sessions were viewed almost 8K times and over 180K minutes of impactful presentations were watched across 18 countries.

Brad Somer, MD, who co-hosted the conference with Jason Chandler, MD stated, “the feedback we received this year was truly incredible. We had shortened lectures that enabled key highlights and updates in the hottest areas of cancer innovation, coupled with more expanded and engaging case based didactic panels with incredible faculty from West Cancer Center & Research Institute and from other leading cancer programs across the country. The virtual format and interactive tools enables additional dimensions of educational engagement with the attendees that otherwise would not be standard at an in person meeting that enrichened the experience.  We look forward to growing this effort next year and into the future.”

To view the presentations visit 6th Annual West Oncology Conference. To learn more about West Cancer Center and the services offered, please visit

About West Cancer Center and Research Institute

West Cancer Center is an independent, comprehensive adult cancer center guided by physicians to provide the most outcome-driven, research focused oncology care to all patients, regardless of socioeconomic status. With over 40 years as leaders in oncology, 156+ specialists, 7 locations and 47,000 patient visits in 2020- West is positioned as the first choice for cancer care in the Midsouth and a national model for comprehensive care.