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West Cancer Center & Research Institute is proud to welcome Mihaela Onciu, MD, to our Division of Pathology.

Dr. Onciu brings over 20 years of pathologic evaluation experience to our network including that of bone marrow, peripheral blood and tissue samples for benign and malignant hematologic disorders. Having worked in both academic and national reference lab settings, Dr. Onciu has gained an in-depth understanding of oncology needs with respect to rapid, decisive, clear, and quality diagnosis of hematopoietic neoplasms, along with evaluation of the prognostic features specific to each disease.

Here at West Cancer Center, personalized treatment is our standard of practice. Dr. Onciu further promotes our culture of uniquely tailored care with customized specimen handling and reporting, direct communication with our oncologists, and supporting state-of-the-art diagnostic techniques to most accurately and efficiently serve each patient with (sometimes) smaller tissue samples.

Dr. Onciu will be a vital asset in establishing West’s first hematopathology lab, which will provide integrated reporting, concentrating the results of all ancillary studies performed on every bone marrow sample in one final report with summarized diagnostic and prognostic significance. This information will facilitate communication between labs, oncologists and a patient’s entire care team. The ultimate hope with this initiative is to extend these services beyond West Cancer Center, allowing our surrounding community to access to this new program, bringing yet another new realm of service to patients and families across the MidSouth.

Dr. David Robins, West Cancer Center Anatomic Pathology Lab Director, states “We are honored and excited to welcome Dr. Mihaela Onciu to our Pathology Division. With her years of experience as Medical Director of Hematopathology at St. Jude and Oncometrix, Mihaela is the perfect person to bring West hematopathology in-house. She is truly a rare find with her exceptional training, vast experience, connectedness in the field, prolific resume, and ‘go get it’ attitude. She will be a tremendous asset to West for years to come!”

Please join us in formally welcoming Dr. Mihaela Onciu to our West family!