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Members of the University of Memphis women’s basketball team as well as coaches and additional athletic support staff made its second visit Friday morning to the West Cancer Center in Germantown. The Tigers made their first trip just over a year ago.

“There are hundreds of people that walk through these doors every day and they’re facing an opponent like none of us have ever faced,” said head coach Melissa McFerrin. “If we can come in here and lift their spirits and help them feel positive about their day, that’s what we want to do.”

From the moment the team walked in the door, they were greeted with smiles of patients and staff who were thrilled they were there to visit. Players spent even more time this year in the infusion center visiting with patients undergoing chemo treatments. The team also delivered posters and t-shirts for the patients and families willing to visit with them.

Much like last year, the team had the opportunity to celebrate with a patient who had just finished their final round of chemo by cheering them on as they rang ‘The Bell’.

The players also had the opportunity to learn more about what exactly the West Cancer Center does and how impactful it is for the Mid-South area.

The West Cancer Center began with a small two-room clinic in downtown Memphis. William H. West, MD, was a national respected oncologist and lead investigator for the National Institutes of Health in Washington, D.C. After he lost his mother to breast cancer, his mission was to provide world-class cancer treatment in Memphis. In 1979, the West Clinic official opened its doors. Over 30,000 individuals each year are cared for by the WCC.

“There are so many Tiger fans in here with this being a community based treatment center and we want to anything we can to help those people in the Mid-South face cancer,” added McFerrin. “The West Cancer Center is doing amazing things.”

On Sunday, December 3 against Illinois, the Tigers will have their Victor Day game at Elma Roane Fieldhouse where the team will celebrate cancer survivors and those fighting cancer in our community. To see a video of the Lady Tigers’ time at WCC, please visit