“Alone I can do a little. Together we can do much.” 

Just nine months ago, Vickie Peal was diagnosed with Stage 3 kidney cancer.

Upon her diagnosis, Vickie was referred to West Cancer Center as a patient under Dr. Verrier’s care. “Every bit of fear went away the day I walked through the doors at Wets. I feel like family here, like I belong.”

Vickie took her cancer diagnosis head on, “I knew this fight was for me.” Vickie’s passion for taking her own cancer experience to help and empower others was one that she was happy to fulfill. She used her drive to show her family, her kids, and others going through a similar situation that she could fight.

“God put me here for a reason, and its now time for me to step up. Even when I thought I couldn’t move forward, I knew he gave me a purpose, something to do – and this was it.”

Vickie is now cancer free and still using her journey to empower others. She often meets with others going through treatment to offer companionship, comfort and support. She participates in our annual Fight On event each year to meet others that may simply need kind words or even just a hug.

Vickie realizes that support is the greatest gift you can give someone during their cancer journey, and she vows to continue her efforts to be strong and present for others as she believes this is her purpose.


Share Your Story

With every fighter there is a story, and with every story, an inspiration to fight on. Your story can be the difference in the life of another cancer fighter like you. We invite patients of the West Cancer Center, past and present, to share stories here. If you would like to share your story, please contact West Cancer Center’s Marketing Department.