An avid runner for many years, Kate Horton knows what it means to have endurance. This endurance, however, took on a whole new meaning in the spring of 2013. Kate noticed what looked like swelling in her abdomen, and had a feeling that something wasn’t right. After a visit to her physician, Kate was quickly sent to West Cancer Center, where she was diagnosed with stage 3C ovarian cancer. Despite surgeries and rounds of chemotherapy, Kate continued to stay active throughout her entire treatment process, running more than 1,000 miles the year she was diagnosed. When her cancer returned in 2014, Kate elected a cutting-edge treatment plan at West Cancer Center in hopes to eradicate this stubborn disease for good. West Cancer Center continues to stand by Kate and all our fighters by bringing the very best technology, research and doctors to Memphis so patients can recover close to home.

Share Your Story

With every fighter there is a story, and with every story, an inspiration to fight on. Your story can be the difference in the life of another cancer fighter like you. We invite patients of the West Cancer Center, past and present, to share stories here. If you would like to share your story, please contact West Cancer Center’s Marketing Department.