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Breast Cancer Medical Oncologist, Dr. Lee Schwartzberg, shares information on recent studies regarding vaccine therapy to prevent recurrences in #HER2-positive #breastcancer.
During a PracticeUpdate interview, Schwartzberg states “We’ve been looking at cancer vaccines for many years now and one of the strategies has particularly been for HER2-positive breast cancers, and it continues to develop as a field [of research].”
He shares that there have already been a couple Phase I and II clinical trials and now we are awaiting broader Phase III trials to see if we can improve disease-free survival by utilizing a HER2 vaccine.
Here at West, our focus on research allows us to remain at the forefront of new therapies for the ultimate benefit of our patients and the cancer community as a whole. Click here to learn more and to watch the full video interview with details on this exciting research.