Here at West Cancer Center & Research Institute, miracles happen every day, from getting the good news of a clear scan to new treatment availability, and cancer remission. But along with those miracles, we can also experience some trying times like illness and even death. Chaplaincy and this ministry of presence that we offer is so important, especially in an environment surrounding something as serious as cancer. During times of crisis, we can all start to feel vulnerable and ask really big questions – like why is this happening. Our job is to provide patients, their families, and this devoted staff a support system that is vital to the human experience. We’re here to offer you comfort, companionship, and advocacy in your care.

Spiritual Services

Our West Cancer Center Chaplain, Noah Quinton, is available to patients, their family members, and our staff. He and our spiritual council are available for one-on-one meetings during clinic hours, communion, prayer, religious advocacy in your medical care, support group navigation, and more. Please contact our Chaplain directly at [email protected] for more information.

Faith-Based Support Groups

Anyone affected by cancer faces emotional challenges. They may find talking about their feelings to be difficult. Perhaps a cancer support group could be helpful. Our faith-based support groups here at West Cancer Center provide a safe place to express thoughts, feelings, and fears with others that are also coping with cancer.

Video Ministry Series

We are so excited to offer another avenue for comfort and guidance for our patients, their loved ones, and our staff. These short videos bring together leaders of a variety of religious backgrounds to share words of healing in hopes to shed a little light in darker places. We hope you’ll join us each week to hear from our spiritual counsel. And remember, if you ever need to talk further or would like to learn more about our spiritual services, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

To view our full video channel, please click here.

Pray with Power

To patients, family members, caregivers, and staff in need of a moment of prayer, please call our 24-hour West Cancer Center prayer line for unlimited access to words of comfort and guidance. Prayers are available in Jewish, Protestant, Muslim, and traditional Christian denominations.


Please call 901.683.0055, ext. 6-PRAY (67729)

Meet Our Chaplain

Noah Quinton, M.DIV., BCC

Noah Quinton is West Cancer Center’s on-site chaplain. He is a board certified chaplain that provides interfaith support to patients, their family members, and our staff. With the support of a spiritual council made up of a variety of faith backgrounds, Noah is able to offer patients a comforting presence during their treatment, a listening ear in a time a need, a prayer when it’s needed most, advocacy in medical care and more.  Contact Noah at (901) 683-0055 ext. 61087 or at [email protected]

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