West Cancer Center’s clinical research team is comprised of more than 40 professional research personnel, highly trained in the conduct of clinical research, providing specialized care with unparalleled expertise int he research sector.

Our Clinical Research Team

Ari VanderWalde

Ari VanderWalde, MD, MPH, Bioeth

Director of Research

Director of Melanoma Research

Daniel Vaena, MD

Director of Phase I Research

Director of GU Research


Axel Grothey, MD

Director of GI Malignancy Research

Adam ElNaggar

Adam ElNaggar, MD, FACOG

Director of GYN Cancer Research

Gregory Vidal

Gregory Vidal, MD, PhD

Director of Breast Cancer Research

190717-002 Porter

Jason Porter, MD

Director of Lung Cancer Research

Jason Chandler

Jason Chandler, MD

Director of Research for Hematology Malignancies

Noam VanderWalde

Noam VanderWalde, MD, MS

Director of Radiation Oncology Research

What is a Clinical Trial?

Clinical trials look at new ways to prevent, detect, and treat disease. Treatments might be new drugs, new surgical procedures, or new ways to implement existing treatments. The goal of these trials is to find better therapies to treat disease.

There are many types of clinical trials. If recommended for a trial, eligibility will be based on type and stage of cancer, along with unique criteria outlined by the specific study.



Our Phase I clinical trials offer patients early access to novel therapies. These opportunities provide options and hope for patients with later stage diseases that may not be available at other cancer centers in the country.



Our Phase II/III clinical trials provide access to therapies being developed for particular types of cancer and larger trials that collect critical data for possible FDA approval.

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